You are ANOINTED to deal w/ DISAPPOINTMENT for what God has APPOINTED you to do.

Disappointment in our life reveals the character of our heart. David was anointed King of Israel when he was 15 years old but for the next 15 years of his life he would run for survival because King Saul would try to kill him. David went from being anointed to a season of disappointment. When we become disappointed it reveals what's truly in our hearts. Will we take control into our own hands or submit to the process of the Lord? David submitted to the Lord's timing and knew that he was APPOINTED for what was to come.

God has anointed you for any disappointment in your past, present or future because He has appointed the promise that is coming your way.

Today, pray for God to deal with any disappointment in your life. Release it to Him. Receive His anointing for the appointment.